27 September 2012


Day and Night (English Translation)
T-ara, Shannon, Gavy NJ 

 I love you though my heart hurts, though you are looking someplace else
Like a scarecrow, like a sad doll, I will always be waiting

Just like day and night comes, love has found me too
At the end of a lonely day, I met you in this dream

It disappeared far away, it scattered in the wind
I could not catch love so it made me sad
I put down my hopes like disappearing waves
In this great death-like pain, my embrace is lonely
Love is like sweet poison, a sad flower with thorns like a rose
In my broken down heart, I cry alone and I am in pain alone
I am thirsty for love, my heart is in pain

When the wind blows, this longing feeling blows over as well
When raindrops fall, tears follow and fall as well

I’m lonely even when I’m looking at you – I’m scared even when you’re next to me
Like the sun in the day, like the stars in the night, you might disappear

Tonight I long for you, who is next to someone else
On this long night, we spend more time apart than in love
To me, a day and night, 24 hours are not enough
Tonight, I miss you as much as I love you
I lost my way, I am wandering
Shine on me, guide me
This time without you is so torturous
This time without you is so lonely

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