05 April 2011

3 days : 3 songs : 3 moments

A Song By My Favourite Band
my favourite band is KRU. is it band or grouping?? ah... i just want to talk about them. rarely, i fall in love by band once, maybe just kangen band i thought. i still want to talk about my favourite KRU group. i love their song becoz mostly of their song lyric is campatible with my soul, such as jangan lafazkan and seperti yang ku jangka. its balada song. what we call it in english? i forgot ody.

A Song On the Sountrack of my Favourite Movie
favourite movie? wahat huh? i don't have any favourite movie. grrrrrrrrrrrr =.=

The Last Song I Heard
the last song i heard was "goyang inul". miahahaa.... it was last two night. start play -- replay -- replay again and again the same song after 12:00 midnite while busy finishing 2 assignment which is WAJ3106 : Hubungan Etnik and WAJ3106 : Analisis Komponen Anatomi dan physiology. and i shared this dangdut song with my roomate. cute right? haha... it is proven that dangdut have raise my adrenaline to be more energetic writing assignment because my task is done 3 hours later. gagagaga....

Guys... i'm sorry, i don't have enough time to write on my blog's wall. you know, just now, I just seated MUET's speaking test. alhamdulillah, it's going well. by the next week... i'll be seat on listening, reading and writing test. and i need to focus on them. wish me luck. and pray for me!



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